Quality Control & Design
Mitutoyo B706 Coordinate Measuring Machine

With our large capacity 3D CMM with an updated Renishaw PH8 - TP20 probe & Metris CMM Manager software, we are able to verify dimensions & reverse engineer cavities used in presses as large as 2500 tons and holder blocks used in presses as large as 800 tons.

Full Computer Design Capabilities
With 4 design stations utilizing:
SolidWorks 2018
Siemens NX I-deas 6.5
Powermill Pro 2016
Metris CMM Manager
& Cadkey we have full 3D computer solid modeling, reverse-engineering, design and machining capablilities.

Computer Aided Design utilizing SolidWorks 2018
Computer Aided Machining utilizing PowerMill Pro 2016